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    The Run
    Silvia Cinca

    The Run

    Titlu: The Run

    Autor: Silvia Cinca

    Editura: MoonFall Press

    Colecție: -

    Număr de pagini: 328

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    Two o’clock at night. A rented car took us, in order that our track would be lost, to Salonic. I left behind a life, a mother, people I loved, a country, which, as much as possible, warmed my childhood years. I left behind friends and memories. I left behind everything. Now my mind understood what it all meant. But, I had my children with me, my family as mother use to say. Before, there used to be thick fog out of which I could not distinguish anything. It was the unknown, the fear, it was the New World , which a lot of people run to like crazy to fulfill an ideal. I remembered mother’s running away from the village. Her motivation was love. Mine? It was very different. I ran away from the communist beast which stretched its tentacles more and deeper into people’s lives and peace. It gradually destroyed everything beautiful in people’s souls- confidence in the people around, love and communication, freedom"

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