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    All Roads Lead to… Darfur - Diplomatic Notes
    Emil Ghitulescu

    All Roads Lead to… Darfur - Diplomatic Notes

    Titlu: All Roads Lead to… Darfur - Diplomatic Notes

    Autor: Emil Ghitulescu

    Editura: Curtea Veche

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    Număr de pagini: 316


    Nr. pagini: 316 pag. + 28 pag. ilustrații All Roads Lead to.... Darfur is not a travel guide. It is neither an investigative documentary, nor a tale of exotic adventures. It is a diplomatic memoir, about the turbulent destiny of a place caught up in the tempest of history; about the ex-periences I have lived and the people I have met in these tumultuous times, so decisive for Sudan’s modern development. Sudan, a country I care for and respect, the evolution of which I expect to be exceptional in Africa and worldwide. All Roads Lead to… Darfur is an evidence of a complex, sensitive, and difficult test for Sudan and the international community. It is also an invitation to reason, reconciliation, tolerance, and dialogue for the benefit of the people of Darfur and of the entire Sudan. I address all those who hope to see peace, stability, and progress come about in a world that has shrunk to the size of a tukul. The roads of understanding and human solidarity must wind towards the realm of Darfur, fated symbol of a contemporary drama. Emil Ghițulescu *

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